Notes on sustainability data

The indicators are mainly based on measurements and calculations, and in some cases on estimations, depending on the specific topic and site. Data is generated and collected at the local level following the relevant corporate guidelines. Group level data is collected through the different business or functional divisions. The completeness and accuracy of the reported data is supervised at the corporate level.

Depending on site circumstances and local regulations, we discharge treated wastewater streams into surface waters or into the municipal sewage system. According to the nature and quantity of pollutants, the most commonly used wastewater treatment strategies at our facilities are mechanical and/or biological (but extending to chemical treatment steps where needed) technologies. We believe that data breakdown by destination and treatment method is not material, therefore we do not report on it.

According to information provided by our contractors, waste disposal methods have been determined using  European Union guidelines.

Employee engagement level: the first 9 questions of the survey are related to general engagement of the employees, rated
on a 1-4 scale. Three groups can be distinguished by the following cluster borders : 2,5 >= disengaged; 3,2 >= partly engaged
>= 2,56; 3,22 <= engaged. In order to make the data more informative, we use percentages.

annual report 2010