Scope and Boundary

MOL applies the ‘control’ approach to consolidate information. The company accounts for 100 percent of the sustainability data from operations over which it has control. This includes all companies/operations where MOL or one of its subsidiaries acts as operator.

In the case of HSE data, we consider only operations which might have a significant impact on health, safety and the environment. Moreover, the MOL Group HSE Department has been given 3 years to integrate any new acquisitions into its reporting system. Therefore, HSE performance data does not necessarily contain the figures from operations acquired in the last three years. Noteworthy changes compared to 2009 include IES and Tifon being accounted for in the 2010 data. It is planned that the subsidiaries of INA d.d. will be integrated into the reporting only from 2012..

Our human resources organisation uses an IT application called BI (Business Intelligence) Data Port to gather, among other information, sustainability-related HR data from MOL Group companies. In 2010, the scope covered 29 companies including INA d.d. Coverage for the entire MOL Group has reached 78 %, or 91.5 % excluding INA. Companies that do not exceed 20 employees are not, and probably will not ever be integrated into this reporting process. Due to data supply problems, the following subsidiaries are largely excluded from the present report: MOL Romania, MOL Pakistan, MOL-Russ Ooo., Greentrade Ltd., USI Ltd. and Tifon d.o.o. The absence of this data may have caused significant variations in the case of certain indicators. To see the full list of reporting companies see:

annual report 2010