Financing overview

MOL further improved its strong financial position

The financial position and ability to generate operational cash flow of corporates came into the front due to the turbulent financial environment and economic slowdown.

MOL’s key target for 2011, to keep its strong liquidity position, was successfully persuaded as a result of MOL’s improving financial results.

Sufficient external financing

MOL Group has sufficient financing for its operations and investments. Our diversified, long-term financing portfolio consists of revolving, syndicated and club loans, long term bonds and loan facilities concluded with multilateral financial institutions.

Refinancing of maturing credit facilities

In June 2011, MOL Plc. signed a EUR 1 billion revolving credit facility agreement that refinanced the EUR 700 million revolving credit facility expiring on 18 May 2012, and partially refinances EUR 825 million revolving credit facility expiring 25 July 2013. The EUR 700 million revolving credit facility, concluded back in May 2005, was cancelled as part of the transaction. The tenor of the new facility is 5 years which can be extended by further 1 plus 1 year. In addition, MOL extended the maturity of EUR 470 million out of its EUR 500 million revolving credit facility, signed on September 2010 with 3 year tenor, by one additional year until 10 September 2014.

Our gearing ratio decreased below 30%

70% EUR-denominated debt

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