MOL GROUP ANNUAL REPORT Economic, social and environmental performance
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1 Net external sales revenues and operating profit include the profit arising both from sales to third parties and transfers to the other business segments. Upstream transfers domestically produced crude oil, condensates and LPG to Downstream and natural gas to the Gas Midstream segment. Internal transfer prices are based on prevailing market prices. Gas transfer price equals the average import price. Segmental figures contain the results of the fully consolidated subsidiaries engaged in the respective segments.

2 This line shows the effect on operating profit of the change in the amount of unrealised profit in respect of intersegment transfers. Unrealised profits arise where the item transferred is held in inventory by the receiving segment and a third party sale takes place only in a subsequent quarter. For segmental reporting purposes the transferor segment records a profit immediately at the point of transfer. However, at the company level profit is only reported when the related third party sale has taken place. In previous years this unrealised profit effect was not shown separately, but was included in the reported segmental result of the receiving segment. Unrealised profits arise principally in respect of transfers from Upstream to Gas Midstream.

3 See Appendix II.

4 In converting HUF financial data into USD, the following average NBH rates were used: for FY 2010: 208.1 HUF/USD, for FY 2011: 200.9 HUF/USD.



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