MOL GROUP ANNUAL REPORT Economic, social and environmental performance
Table of contents
Cash flow

Operating cash flow decreased by 2%

Operating cash inflow in 2011 was HUF 373.0 bn, compared to HUF 378.9 bn in 2010. Operating cash flow before movements in working capital increased by 19%. Refinancing of the working capital decreased funds by HUF 184.0 bn, driven mainly by the combination of higher FX rates and commodity prices. Income taxes paid amounted to HUF 52.8 bn.

Cash used in investing activities decreased by 29%

Net cash used in investing activities was HUF 198.7 bn in 2011, compared to net cash used of HUF 279.5 bn in 2010. 

Net financing cash outflows from the repayment of long-term debt

Net financing cash outflow was HUF 188.9 bn, primarily as a result of the repayment of long-term debt, representing the Group’s strong liquidity position.


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