MOL GROUP ANNUAL REPORT Economic, social and environmental performance
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 Retained position in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

In 2011, MOL Group was included into Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the second time as the first and sole company from the region. To be selected as one of the best 12 sustainable companies (best 10%) of the oil and gas producers segment is a significant acknowledgement of the efforts invested in recent years. In 2011 all business divisions defined a detailed set of sustainability objectives on the 6 SD Focus Areas to be achieved by 2015 ensuring MOL Group will remain among top performers.

Maintained focus on environmental and energy efficiency

We pay focused attention to improve our CO2 intensity to be able to maintain our competitiveness in carbon constrained world. Energy efficiency programs throughout MOL Group deliver improvements in CO2 intensity per unit of production at different business units. On aggregate, our energy efficiency efforts meant reduction of CO2 emissions by 3% compared to 2010, or more than 200 kt in absolute figure.

In order to achieve our strategic target to decrease our VOC emissions, we rolled out ‘leak detection and repair’ (LDAR) program and started pilot projects at Hungarian installations. The projects will contribute not only to air quality improvement in neighbourhood, but will also deliver decrease of hydrocarbon losses.

Improvement in work safety performance

MOL Group has a challenging long-term target in work safety, the tolerable maximum is one lost-time injury per million hours worked (LTIF). In 2011 the LTIF was 1.23 (without INA Group) which is 21% improvement compared to previous year, but unfortunately still worse than target. In INA the LTIF dropped to 2.6 which represents a 24% decrease. However, the majority of the injuries is not related to the hazardous technology but rather slips and falls.

Compared to the previous years, our road accident indicator shows a decreasing trend. In 2011 we decreased our road accident rate (RAR, number of accidents per 1 million km driven) to 0.99 without INA, with INA Group RAR is 1.7. Besides the improving results, unfortunately we need to report about one employee fatal road accident in 2011.

All main programmes were continued and rolled-out to further companies, e.g. Contractor Safety, Process Safety Management or the Workplace Health Promotion programme called ‘STEP – Take a step for your health’.

Best-in-Class talent attraction programs continued

In 2011, the fifth, jubilee international contest called ‘Freshhh’ was organised for students. More than 2,500 students have registered for the contest and finally 596 teams have been formed from 62 countries and 200 universities. ‘Freshhh’ is a great & unique tool for finding those talented youngsters who are eager to work in the oil and gas industry. This is proved by more than 60 colleagues, who have joined MOL Group since 2007, after being finalists in the competition.
MOL has also been maintaining close and regular cooperation with secondary schools. A lack of natural science experts has been observed on the global as well as on the local market. Therefore, special attention has been given to promote natural science studies among secondary schools. A variety of programs were carried on in 2011, e.g. ‘MesterM Award’, ‘Dialogue Conference’ or ‘Junior Freshhh’.

By 2011 MOL Group companies established strategic partnerships with a total of 17 universities in all key countries of operations.

MOL Group’s ‘Growww’ Programme offers one year-long job opportunities for fresh graduates. In 2011, similarly to previous years, about 300 new positions were advertised group-wide. More than 20,000 applications were received from 7,500 candidates. Finally, a total of 279 positions were filled by applicants from 7 countries (Croatia, Hungary, Iraq, Italy, Romania, Russia and Slovakia).

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