MOL GROUP ANNUAL REPORT Economic, social and environmental performance
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MOL Group at a glance

MOL Group is a leading integrated Central and East European oil and gas corporation with an extensive international Upstream portfolio.

Market capitalisation was over USD 7.5 bn at the end of 2011 and our shares are listed on the Budapest, Luxembourg and Warsaw Stock Exchanges. Our depository receipts are traded on London’s International Order Book and OTC in the USA.

MOL is committed to maintaining and further improving the efficiency of its current portfolio, exploiting potential in its captive and new markets and to excellence in its social and environmental performance.


Our core activities in a snapshot

The Upstream segment has a diverse portfolio with oil and gas exploration activities in 12 countries and valuable producing assets in 8 countries.  MOL Group’s SPE 2P reserves reached 682 MMboe as of 31 December, 2011, while hydrocarbon production amounted to 147 Mboe/day in 2011. MOL Group has more than seven decades of oil and gas industry experience in the CEE region and a proven international track record of over 20 years and is now in the position of reaping the benefits of its outstanding exploration drilling successes.  Several discoveries were recorded in Hungary, Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in recent years. Besides our traditional core Central and East European arena, recent focus has been on Russia and Kazakhstan due to their reserve addition as well as on our flagship assets in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The Downstream segment operates 5 refineries, 2 petrochemicals units and a modern retail filling station network supplied by a region-wide logistics system, all optimised by very effective supply chain management. The segment’s integration was significantly enhanced in 2011 to exploit sequential and interactive business processes, keeping the focus on operating efficiency whilst moderating negative effects of the external economic environment. The Group’s two most complex refineries, Bratislava and Danube, continue to enjoy the advantages of their strong asset structure, high net cash margins and central positions in landlocked markets.

Gas Midstream: FGSZ Ltd. is the exclusive holder of natural gas transmission and system operator licences in Hungary. The company owns and maintains full operational control of the total domestic high-pressure pipeline system. FGSZ transits natural gas to Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina as well as transfer to Romania and Croatia. MOL Group is an active participant in the gas storage business through the gas storage facility of MMBF Ltd. which finished its second year of successful operations in 2011. MOL is now analysing the opportunity to create a diversified generation portfolio.

In recognition of its long-term economic, social and environmental performance, MOL was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the second time, in 2011.


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