Our reporting approach

As a demonstration of MOL’s resolve to integrate a sustainability approach into everyday business operations, management decided to merge our Annual and Sustainable Development Reports and move towards an “integrated” reporting approach in 2008. Consequently, the company now follows the Triple Bottom Line approach; presenting the economic, social and environmental performance of MOL Group in one comprehensive report.

The “Sustainability: non-financial performance” section of the Annual Report contains information on the key achievements, challenges and data of the given year about the most relevant topics for MOL in the area of sustainability. Beyond this report, one will find a general presentation of MOL’s policies, management approaches and other regularly maintained and updated SD-related information at  www.mol.hu/sd. While the Annual Report’s main audience is assumed to be our shareholders, investors and sustainability analysts, our webpage is tailored to answering the information needs of all stakeholders.

The sustainability performance data contained within this report was reviewed by Ernst and Young (please see the assurance statement for the specific scope) and the assurance process was planned and performed in accordance with the International Federation of Accountants’ ISAE3000 standard.

This Annual Report, together with MOL’s website, meets the requirements of the A+ rating of the GRI G3 Sustainability Guidelines in accordance to the GRI (see the assurance statement on p. 224.)

To see the GRI Compliance table please click here.

Local reports are available on the websites of individual MOL Group companies:

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