Report Content and Materiality

All of the topics that reflect MOL’s significant economic, environmental and social impacts and those which might have an impact on our stakeholders are treated as material concerns. When identifying these issues, we take into consideration GRI G3 guidelines, recommendations by our industry’s professional association (IPIECA) and industry-specific evaluation criteria from sustainability analysts such as the SAM Group and Oekom. Moreover, issues related to governmental initiatives connected to SD might also be judged to be relevant; for example, compliance with certain pieces of legislation. Priority is given to areas where our company has more substantial impacts and where MOL can make efforts to improve its performance. Issues relevant to local sites are managed and reported locally.
MOL follows the GRI G3 reporting guidelines and has achieved an A+ rating. Since no oil and gas sector-specific supplement was available from GRI while this report was being prepared, we strived to follow the IPIECA-API “Oil and Gas Industry Guidance on Voluntary Sustainability Reporting” protocol to determine additional, industry-specific indicators. This Annual Report, in conjunction with the information available on our website, comprises MOL Group’s sustainability reporting and thus complies with GRI requirements.
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