Acquisition of more than 5% influence in MOL

MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Public Limited Company hereby informs capital markets participants that following the purchase of 429,861 MOL ordinary shares (0.39% of MOL shares) on 24-25 May 2007, indirect influence of KAFIJAT Befektetési és Vagyonkezelési Zrt. in MOL increased to 5.14%.

Taking into account that Rahimkulov Timur Magdetovics and Rahimkulov Ruszlan Magdetovics jointly own 100% of CHARING INVESTMENT LIMITED, which owns further 85,291 MOL ordinary shares, the abovementioned shares result in a 5.23% indirect influence in MOL for Megdet Rahimkulov, who owns 71.44% of KAFIJAT Zrt, and for Rahimkulov Timur Magdetovics and Rahimkulov Ruszlan Magdetovics, who own 14.28-14.28% of KAFIJAT Zrt., and are the close relatives of Megdet Rahimkulov and each other.