12.5 Million HUF support for park development
Sátoraljaújhely association has won the 2009 Green Belt award

This year the Green Belt Program supports 28 local initiatives. In the decision announced in early March the winning associations will receive 12.5 Million HUF for their park creation efforts. The winner in 2010 is the Szépbánya Association at Sátoraljaújhely for his Levente Park project that had been judged as the best implementation by the endowment committee.

The joint environmental protection program of MOL and the Ökotárs Foundation has been supporting local civic initiatives since 2006 in their efforts to create more appealing environments and green areas by community action.

The application process consists of two rounds. In the first round the applicants submit their ideas, introduce the area for development and their plans for its transformation but more importantly their strategy for community involvement. After receiving a favourable response the applicants with the inclusion of the local community can move onto developing the final landscaping plan that has to include the creation or development of an at least 1500 m2 green area (public park, rest area, play ground, or school yard).
They are also expected to plant indigenous flora, choose an environmentally friendly method, use community action for the planting that incorporate local civic organizations and enterprises.

The 2009-2010 program brought two new elements; it was open to all civic organizations from all over Hungary without geographical limitation and 2nd round applicants were able to take advantage of the volunteer advising service of the Landscape Architect students at Corvinus University. The professional guidance they received greatly contributed to widening the knowledge of the communities as well as the high level development of their plans.

The winning organizations will receive a combined 12 450 000 HUF support for the planting to be carried out in the spring and fall of 2010.
As an exception to this year’s program the students of the International School of Budapest at Nagykovácsi has joined the Green Belt Program with 300 000 HUF worth of fundraising effort. The funds will be awarded to the local Zsíroshegyi Kilátások Association.

With financial endowment of MOL and professional support of the Ökotárs Foundation 128 towns in Hungary had been enriched with new green areas. The program is also running successfully in Slovakia and Romania. In the past 4 years regionally 320 towns had won nearly 156 Million HUF worth of support.

As part of the program every year we announce the winner of the Green Belt award that in 2009 went to the Szépbánya Association at Sátoraljaújhely.  The prize is awarded for the most environmentally friendly method that utilizes the most local resources. The award was delivered by Ágnes Kelenvölgyi Head of Sponsorships and Communications support the 8th March to the representatives of the Szépbánya Association.

MOL and Ökotárs Foundation expect to announce the Green Belt Program for 2010 in early May.

More details about the programme: http://zoldovozet.okotars.hu

More information:
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