MOL Group receives sustainability recognition award from Deloitte

MOL Group has received the ‘Green Frog Award 2011’ announced Deloitte Hungary. This recognition is given to the Central European company that prepares the best Sustainable Development or Corporate Social Responsibility report in a given year. The award was presented to György Mosonyi, Chairman of MOL Group Supervisory Board at the Deloitte Sustainability Conference in Budapest on 22 November 2011. 

The jury of experts, when evaluating applications, laid emphasise on how well the 30 candidates got to the point, clearly summarizing pre-set targets and results achieved in a quantifiable and verifiable way, while presenting them in transparent and comprehensible form. 

When evaluating MOL Group’s application, it was a significant advantage for the company that it publishes its sustainability results as part of its annual report. Although this practice is relatively new in Central Europe, it is an even clearer demonstration of the close connection between business results and sustainability issues.

György Mosonyi, Chairman of MOL Group Supervisory Board commented: ‘MOL Group has repeatedly demonstrated that it takes sustainability principles very seriously and manages its actions accordingly. However the Green Frog Award is particularly special to us because it also acknowledges that this policy is also reflected in our annual report.’