MOL Group’s sustainability performance has qualified it to enter the SAM Gold Class

Budapest, 1 March 2011 – MOL Group, the only Central & East European company to be in the running, has qualified for the SAM  Gold Class based on its performance in the field of  corporate sustainability . This was recently  announced in The Sustainability Yearbook edited by SAM (Sustainable Asset Management) which conducts the  assessment  for the Dow Jones Sustainable Index.

Each year, SAM invites the largest 2,500 companies from all sectors to participate in the Corporate  Sustainability Assessment, which consists of an in-depth analysis of companies’ economic, environmental, and social issues with a focus on long-term value creation. In each of the 58   sectors, only the top 15% with a minimum total score of at least 60% of the score of the SAM  Sector Leader qualify for inclusion in the Yearbook.

MOL Group received the Bronze qualification for 2009, as well as being selected as the best “Sector Mover”. All the good work performed last year enabled the corporation to enter the SAM Gold Class category. To qualify for the SAM Gold Class, the SAM Sector Leader must achieve a minimum total score of 75%. Peer group companies whose total scores are within 5% of the SAM Sector Leader also enter the SAM Gold Class. This year out of 113 global oil companies, 68 were examined in detail with 17 being selected to appear in the Yearbook of which 8 entered the Golden Class category.
“Over the last few years we have launched many initiatives that serve sustainability and we are delighted that these have received such prestigious recognition. MOL Group is committed to continuing its sustainability practices.” commented Pál Kapusy, Head of Sustainable Development, MOL Group.
Further information about the Yearbook: http://www.sam-group.com/htmle/yearbook/