MOL press release

MOL learnt from the media that certain members of the Supervisory Board of INA sent a letter to the members of the Croatian Government and parts of the letter were published in the Croatian media. MOL is concerned with this Supervisory Board members’ move since the article brings several factual errors and misinterpretations on INA’s standings.
MOL is confident – and the company’s results support this thought – that INA has became a well managed company which is finally profitable and has speeded up its investments. In this light MOL considers the Croatian Government’s intention to nominate the Ministers of Economy and Finance to the Supervisory Board of INA a good solution. This way the Government could get first hand information both about the tendencies and real results of the company and at the same time the Government could also make sure that incorrect, false and misinterpreted information were stated in the published parts of the letter about INA’s financial situation, investments and performance.
INA has also through a stock exchange announcement informed the financial market players about the accurate financial results in order to correct the published false information.