Contractor management

Contractors, suppliers and others doing work on the MOL Group’s behalf may have impacts on our operation and reputation. The contracting of services, the purchase, hire or lease of assets and activities with partners must be carried out so as to minimise any adverse consequences to health, safety and environment.

From the second half of the last decade we started a redesign of our Contractor HSE Management system to help us identify the practical leadership areas that MOL Group and Contractor Managements had to improve. This change in culture focuses on actively demonstrating commitment to safety by recognizing and rewarding positive safety-related behaviour.

Selected contractors are pre-evaluated by an external audit company prior to contracting to assess if they are able to fulfil and follow our HSE Management System. The baseline for the Contractor HSE Management system is a list of HSE critical or risky activities (e.g. maintenance, scaffolding, lifting and transportation, etc.) and relevant personal and material criteria. The prequalification and also post-contract evaluation process also includes an evaluation of a systematic and proactive approach from suppliers from a HSE point of view. HSE Audits of contractors are cyclic and based on levels achieved by contractors – Basic (valid 6 months), Advance (valid 12 months, Excellence (valid 24 months) – and contractors may receive a MOL Group “license” for audited activities.
The system of external audit execution has already been used internationally – in countries including Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Poland and The Czech Republic, etc.

More information about progress in Contractor management can be found in MOL Group’s Annual Reports: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.