Process Safety Management

From a safety point of view we are engaged in diverse processes including upstream operations (drilling, exploration and field operations), complex crude oil processing, logistic activities (including pipeline operations), retail operations and maintenance activities. Controlling the risks of these operations is a complex task. The main goal of process safety management (PSM) is to ensure that technology-related process incidents are prevented.

Process Safety Management System

Our comprehensive Process Safety Management System (PSM, launched in 2004) is designed to address all the elements of process safety related to technology-facility-personnel. It involves a process of identifying, understanding and reducing risks related to our chemical and non-chemical hazardous processes. PSM ensures a unified approach and the same high level process safety performance across the company. This includes identifying risks using the most suitable methodology (HAZOP, ‘What if’ studies), management of change procedures, regular PSM forums and a network of dedicated PSM professionals. The efficiency of the PSM system implementation is regularly assessed through compliance audits.

More information about Emergency Preparedness and Response can be found in MOL Group’s Annual Reports (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013).