New Europe Foundation

New Europe Foundation

The foundation pays utmost attention to the sponsorship of young talents and of pediatrics, but it still intends to remain in the future an active cooperating partner of civil organizations in the fields of sports, culture, and environmental protection that make efforts to form a more efficient and human environment. The Goodvwill Ambassador of the New Europe Foundation is Eszter Ónódi, actress.

The Board of Curators consists of experts who have made widely recognized achievements recently in the fields of culture, sciences, civil organizations, and mass media, and on whom MOL can fairly rely for their expertise in managing the foundation’s affairs: Dr. László Baán, Chief Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, who at the same time is the Chairman of the Board of Curators; Júlia Sebestyén, European Champion figure skater, Bishop Dr. László Kiss-Rigó, Dr. Tamás Roska, researcher, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Gergő Süveges, journalist and media expert.

The New Europe Foundation has been in charge of managing the MOL Talent Support Programme and MOL Child Healing Programme, so as of the MOL Talent Care Award.

From 2013, the new goodwill ambassador of the Foundation is Eszter Ónodi, holder of Mari Jászai Award, actress of the József Katona Theatre.
The actress was glad to accept the representation of young talents and is ready to undertake the support of the child healing therapies.

We accept donations! Bank account: 13700016 – 04560018.

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MOL Talent Support Programme, Sports

The Sports category of the Programme aims to support the professional development of talented young sportsmen. Often financial resources for better training conditions, equipment, special clothing, event registration and travel, all important to the further development of young Hungarian sports people, cannot be found in their individual social environments even though they have proved themselves successful in national and international sports contests.

MOL Talent Support Programme, Arts and Sciences

The Arts and Sciences category ot he Programme helps the professional development of talented young artists and scientists who have already reached outstanding results in national or international competitions. These young people can apply for financial support to ensure the necessary equipment for their development such as musical instruments, painting or drawing materials.

MOL Talent Care Award

The successful careers of talented young sports people, artists and professionals depends on devoted teachers and coaches who are in a position to discover them and encourage their first steps to success. MOL wishes to recognise the efforts of these pedagogues through the MOL Talent Care Award. You can also help MOL to find them! Please nominate one for the MOL Talent Care Award!

MOL Child Healing Programme

The Child Healing Programme was established to support foundations, associations or societies engaged in the medical treatment and rehabilitation of children suffering from chronic diseases, with disabilities or in danger. Applications can be presented once a year by NGOs providing these children artistic and experience-based therapies.