The 40th "Blue Ribbon" Sailing Race

The MOL Corporate Group, as a multinational but otherwise one of the largest Hungarian companies, believes that it is very important to stand by popular events which create typically national values. In accordance with this principle, our company became one of the main sponsors of the 40th "Blue Ribbon" Sailing Race that is the pride of Hungary, and at the same time, the most spectacular, value-creating, and tradition-reviving event along the coast of picturesque Lake Balaton.

The view of the sailboats gliding on the surface of Lake Balaton is the preferred theme of every Hungarian tourist guide book, calendar, and leaflet. MOL fancies sailing because of its proximity to nature, thus our company has for years sponsored Szabolcs Majthényi and András Domokos, members of one of the most successful sailing teams in Hungary, in addition to sponsoring the "Blue Ribbon" Sailing Race. We are very happy that one member of the team, Szabolcs Majthényi, could successfully take part in the 40th "Blue Ribbon" Sailing Race on board of the Fantomasso – just as he has already done  many times before. 

In conjunction with the support of "professionals," the corporate group is also proud that it can sponsor junior sportsmen and sportswomen with the so-called "Can I help you?" MOL Talent Care & Sponsorship Program; hence, providing the opportunity to improve the sailing sport and to give hope for having successful Hungarian competitors in this field in the future. Many of the sponsored racers could be seen in the 40th "Blue Ribbon" Sailing Race. Two junior sailors, Réka Karácsony and Nóra Loidl – as part of the so-called "Can I help you?" MOL Talent Care & Sponsorship Program – have won an award every time they have competed. They sail in the 470 Class, and placed 9th at the junior European Cup and 10th at the World Cup, in addition to winning the Hungarian Senior National Cup champion title.