Base oils

Base oils as the main components for lubricants can be equally applied for producing industrial and motor oils.

Base oil is the main row material of lubricants. Base oils are produced with vaacum distillation. Lubricants are made from base oils and different kind of additives. MOL base oils meet the most-up-to-date international requirements in terms of performance properties and classes of viscosity and they can be used for motor oil and industrial oil production as well.  Base oils mainly used by blending plants, but in a smaller quantity it can be used int he tire industry and for bitumenproduction.

GROUP I base oils, ca. 20 specification:

  • SN85, SN100, SN150, SN200 SN350, SN500, SN600, SN650
  • Brighstock
  • Leichtoildestillate


  • Minimum of 20 tonnes  in tank cars or railway carriages.


  • Pricing is based on the ICIS LOR Domestic spot base oil quotations


  • road/rail transport possible in Seller’s/Buyer’s RTC’s
  • minimum loading quantity is 20 to

Excice duty:

  • Base oil is not an excise product

Place of dispatch:

  • MOL Plc. Duna Refinery Százhalombatta

Area of use:

  • Lubricants

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