High heating value for industrial and communal purposes! Our LPG products are efficient, environment-friendly, sold either in cylinder or container, and are also excellent for special purposes. Ideal for businesses, small ventures and public institutions.

Tank supplied LPG - economic energy everywhere

We recommend the use of tank-supplied LPG for industrial and agricultural companies and public institutions. MOL offers the installation of tank-supplied LPG and propane gas supply systems above ground or underground. We also provide maintenance, gas supply and emergency service to our contracted partners and customers.

Quality in the tank

MOL’s tank-supplied LPG meets present requirements: it is an economic, environment-friendly source of energy.

Why do we recommend tank-supplied LPG?

  • During the burning of LPG less pollutant is generated compared to the traditional heating materials (coal, wood, heating oil)
  • Clean; it doesn’t smell unpleasant
  • Cheaper than other energy sources
  • It offers the same comfort level to its users as the piped gas supply
  • Only a phone call and we supply LPG into your tank
  • We provide regularly maintenance of your LPG tank and gas supply system

Available within 5 working days

If you choose tank-supplied LPG, we fill your tank within 5 working days after your order. MOL’s skilled staff offers assistance to the contracted partners in maintaining the tanks, as well as in the compulsory periodic authority inspections.

Clean products - economic energy for special purposes

The main customers for LPG used for industry purposes are aerosol and bubble plastic producers, but it is also used as an auxiliary material in the light and machine industry.

We develop our product range continuously. Please turn to us with any specific requests!