Anywhere you go, you will be safe with us. We offer you fuels that are the best for road, water and air as well. Choose according to your needs!

Auto gas

More favourable emission of hazardous materials, hand-in-hand with economic usage. Our special blended auto gas has a high octane number. You can find our auto gas with safe re-fuelling conditions at our partners and filling stations under the name of MOL eco+ auto gas.


The reliable MOL gasoline is an ideal fuel for both the most advanced high pressure injection systems and traditional engines with carburettor.

Diesel Fuels

Low sulphur content and high cold endurance. Joint development efforts with international additive producers ensure the excellent quality of MOL Diesel gas oil.

Bunker gasoil

MOL bunker gasoil is the modern fuel of shipping, which meets the requirements of the DIN 51603-1 standard.

JET-A1 Aviation fuel

Fuel of safe aviation: the cleanliness of JET-A1 aviation fuel with excellent performance is guaranteed by special production conditions.