Bunker Service

At the service of shipping! During the bunkering procedure the supplying ship, the so called bunker boat equipped with fuel tanks, fills fuel into the tank of the other ship.

Refuelling ships

The bunker boat is located in the Petroleum bay in Csepel at the river kilometre 1640. The boat can serve customers within a radius of 15 kms from Csepel bay, meaning from the North Railway Connection Bridge in the north (RKM 1655) to the Bridge of M0 Motorway in the south (RKM 1625).

According to Point g) Subsection 1) Section 13 of the Act CXXVII of 2003 on Excise Duty only those companies can purchase bunker gasoil without excise duty whose vessels are engaged in business activity as passenger ships or as freighters.

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