Wholesale Customer Service Centre

Wholesale Customer Service

Our agents of the Wholesale Customers Service Centre are waiting for your questions, observations and orders.

To reach our English-speaking operator please press 9 on your phone.

Please press 0 to leave a message after the tone. Our colleagues will call you back within two hours. 


General information

  • Information about our products and services:
    In addition to providing general information we also forward our future partners’ ordering requests to the business representatives.

For our contractual customers

  • Information about ongoing orders and invoice-related questions/billing issues:
    If you would like to get information on your actual orders or accounts our agents will assist you!
  • Reception and inquiry of complaints and remarks:
    Do you have product or service-related question, remark or complaint? Contact the Customer Service Centre! We provide answers and assistance and help you finding a solution.
  • Information about the Virtual Ordering Centre (VOC):
    This service is only available for our contractual partners who have a password for the Virtual Order Centre. Our agents provide assistance in using the VOC. If you would like to use our VOC but do not have the necessary prerequisites, please indicate your request at the Customer Service Centre.

Do not hesitate to turn to us!

  • Wholesale Customer Service Centre
      • Address: 1117 Budapest, Október huszonharmadika u. 18.
      • Fax: 36-1-88–77-660
      • Split-rate phone number: 06-40-211-211 (At this moment this number is available only from Hungary)
      • Contact us!
Our agents are waiting for your calls on working days between 7am and 5pm.