Lubricant Customer Service

Lubricant Customer Service

Our Client Service is open and waiting for any questions or queries and orders related to products and services offered by MOL-LUB Ltd.! Operators of the Client Service are available on every workday between 07.00 and 16.00.

As a natural „must” we do our best to react upon all technical questions or inquiries offered by our customers. We set up and maintain the Lubricant Client Service with the intention to offer the users of our products with all technical information related to tribology.

A voice mail receives messages out of working hours and on holidays, so if you leave your name, phone number and the specific issue we will get back to you with the solution at our earliest.
  • Lubricant Client Service
  • Wearcheck Laboratory
  • Full-range  tribology service
  • Lubricant service
  • Dangerous waste collection

Lubricant Client Service

Availabilities of Client Service

Mailing address: MOL-LUB Kft. Client Service – 2931 Almásfüzitő, Fő út 21.

Telephone: 06 (80) 201-296

Fax: 06 (34) 348-010

E-mail: Write to us!

If you want us to transport your dangerous waste, please report such need at the following telephone number: 06 (80) 200-591.
When you call us through the free-of-charge green number you can choose among the following menu points:
  • Ordering
  • Product information and technical advise
  • Information and/or action related to used oil
  • Other issues

Wearcheck Laboratory

Diagnostics to prevent avoidable repairs

The Wearcheck Laboratory is able to define the status and operating parameters of lubricants and machines based on oil diagnostic methods. Major repair jobs, working time losses and extra operation costs can be prevented and avoided as a result of applying this supplementary maintenance process.
Telephone: 06/34-526-120
Fax: 06/34-526-119

Useful information
As a result of regularly checking lubricants we can monitor the degree of exhaustion of lub oil and the relevant status of your equipments.
We report the eventual break downs or failures to you in time!
We send you an expert opinion related to the test results within 36 hours.
If we identify results suggesting major deficiencies, we will send you the relevant report within 24 hours.
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Full-scale tribology service

We do our best to improve efficiency in your operations! This multi-level service system includes all lubricant-related preventative operations.

You should also apply this efficient system! 
Telephone : 06-1/464-02-36
Fax: 06/1-464-0304

What can you receive within this full-scale tribology service?
Up-to-date lubricants adjusted to the relevant technology processes, in conformity with the manufacturers’ requirements, accompanied with saving in logistic costs if applied at due time and quantities.
Life expectancy of lubricants will further increase.
Quantity of the consumed lubricant and other technology fluids will reduce.
Decontamination and re-cycling of used lubricant and other technology fluids classified as dangerous wastes will be resolved in the interest of enhanced environmental protection.

Lubricant service

Our Lubricant Service is responsible for in situ analysis and treatment of MOL lubricant charges that require regular maintenance and service.

Our professional expertise is at your service
Our service team contains eminent experts and they can, based on and following the analysis of specific circumstances, identify the hidden and latent failures of your equipments based on in situ and Wearcheck tests, and can quickly and efficiently repair and remedy such problems.
Telephone: 06-34/526-356
Fax: 06-34/346-175
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Why is this service important for you?
With the help of our Lubricant Service you can significantly extend the periodicity of lubricants that need such service, and you can save the costs of loss of production due to such failures or defaults.
Is the level of purity of hydraulic oil in your storage tank unacceptable?
Is any other than prescribed oil mixed into the storage tank of cooling / lubricant fluid?
Do you have to treat the cooling / lubricant fluid with a specific bactericide additive?
Our Lubricant Service can reliably resolve your problems !

Collection of dangerous wastes

Protection of the environment is our common responsibility and obligation! Careful waste management, i.e. remediation and neutralisation of wastes produced with lubricant consumption is one of our top priorities.
We take great care of re-utilisation and neutralisation of waste produced with lubricant consumption and selectively collected.
Telephone: 06/80-200-591 green number
Fax: 06/80-200-592 green number

Our sales executives will be at your disposal with further information!

Can we help you ?
Would you prefer if we transport the dangerous waste from your site? Please inform us between 07.00 and 15.00 hours ion working days  by telephone or fax. We assume such orders and report at your site within two weeks following your order.

Selective waste collection
Implementing any selective waste collection would be a very expensive and difficult exercise for every lubricant user. Thus we provide our partners with tagged (marked) waste collection containers or boxes specifically designed for selective waste collection, including special bags or sacks if required.

Collection of used oil
We provide specific plastic containers for collecting used oil in an environmentally-friendly manner.

In compliance with standards
In 1998 we were one of the first companies in Hungary that introduced the environment-based central management system in accordance with the ISO 14001:1996 standard, and we have been operating this system integrated with our ISO 9002 quality assurance system certified by SGS in 1994.

Further details
The company we will contract for the performance will consult with your contact officer and agree in the date of the actual transportation. All dangerous wastes will be transported with the so-called „SZ”-type delivery note, and our partners are responsible for obtaining and filling in this document. The transport company will always help you in arranging any administration related to this delivery note. We will send you by mail one copy of the „SZ” note (properly filled-in, checked and verified) as prescribed by the laws regulating operations involving dangerous wastes 30 days prior to starting the actual transportation.