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Collection of used car batteries and dry batteries (cells)

Sustainable development (SD) is now a global issue, and it is one of the greatest challenges in the 21st century. It is far more than certain ethical or marketing considerations, as it has overwhelming effects onto all activities we perform on individual, corporate and international levels alike. The concept requires to manage each of the three pillars of sustainable development (environmental, economic and social) simultaneously and with equal treatment in order that future generations may have the same opportunities and chances as we have at present. We are fully committed to reduce the load onto the environment and this includes the collection of dangerous waste materials (used oil, outdated medicines, car battery and cell battery).

Used car batteries and cell batteries contain toxic heavy metals that present danger to the environment and health (cadmium, nickel, lithium), so they are also classified as dangerous wastes. Never mix out-of-use car batteries and cell batteries into household waste, because during transportation the coating might be damaged and materials may get released and cause damage to the quality of air, soil and water.

Various laws now prescribe that all car batteries and cell batteries can be deposited at the point of sale as dangerous waste, consequently MOL filling stations also collect them.